Finally! Jeans For My Jean-Averse Kids!

Abercrombie has a rad kids line that has earned a coveted spot in our children’s limited wardrobe this year. Not because this post is sponsored by Abercrombie Kids, or because I want to relive my youth, but because these jeans are the first jeans ever that both Kendall and Leyna will put on without complaining that they “hurt” or are “too tight” or “too buttoned” or “not stretchy enough.” 

Are anyone else’s kids as averse to wearing jeans as mine are? I swear, it’s like asking them to wear a tuxedo some days. 

Kendall, 10, has always- ALWAYS- worn sizes way bigger than his age, and being born into the era of the skinny jean has not made finding jeans for him easy.  I think I tried to squeeze him into skinny jeans as a toddler and I laughed and laughed and promised to never do that again. Bless his thick thighs. 

Luckily, Abercrombie Kids has a wide variety of styles of jeans for boys, from super skinny to denim joggers. Kendall found a perfect fit with their roomy yet tailored bootcut style. They are soft and stretch with him. They are great for sitting down or running/jumping around. 

Leyna is the other one in the family who fights wearing jeans and has for as long as she could talk. The Abercrombie Kids pull-on jean leggings seemed to have tricked her! No zippers must mean they aren’t actually jeans, right?

Plus, what 7 year old girl can resist pants that look like this?

This style is a little long on her, but the hem is such that it would be easy to take them in to be tailored. We opted to simply cuff them, though, knowing that she probably has a growth spurt coming soon when she will get super long leggy again, giving this pair plenty of life and likely enough to get us through 2 seasons of wear.

Lowell has no opinion about things like clothes for now, but it’s key for us to dress him in clothing that stands up to dirt and activity because he is constantly busy outside, digging and running, and now riding his bike. 

The Abercrombie Kids classic fit jeans are well suited for his activity levels and his body type. They are a touch long on him because he’s between sizes and I sized up. He’s due for a growth spurt, too. Luckily, the elastic tabs inside the jeans let us get a perfect fit in his waist. 

I also took this opportunity to refresh their cold weather wear by getting them each a new jacket/hoodie. The simple ombre style on Lowell will wash well. Fun fact! It’s part of the Abercrombie Kids Everybody Collection– their gender neutral line.

Kendall’s camo jacket is a big upgrade in style for him, and he’s really starting to care about “looking cool.” (Or maybe not “cool” but whatever the word for that the kids say these days.)

And Leyna is SUPER into this  soft, pink, golden glittery, sherpa-lined hoodie. She put together her whole outfit around it. She felt this (crazy soft) unicorn shirt completed the look. I love her style!

I love that this post gave me the opportunity to get these kids into jeans! Seriously, I’m giddy. And I’m also going to sign up for the A&F Club (and get $20 off my next $50+ purchase) because we WILL be back for more jeans and super soft shirts. (They are SO SOFT, you guys, but also wash REALLY well. I know because we’ve washed them at least 4 times already. No joke.) Check out all Abercrombie Kids sales HERE.

Thanks to Abercrombie Kids for sponsoring this and giving me the best excuse to get pictures of our kids at our alma matter- MIZZOU! Scott and I both went to college there and it was so fun capturing a morning with them exploring the quad, the columns, and Jesse Hall. Such a surreal experience. I used to walk (actually probably run because I was always late) through this walkway everyday on my way to classes at the journalism school, but I never looked this good.

Now through August 28, 2018, you can get kids jeans BOGO 50% off and tees 2 for $15

Did you fall in love with any of the pieces the kids are wearing? Shop the links!
Kendall: Camo Shirt Jacket | black Sporty Tee | bootcut jeans
Leyna: sherpa-lined hoodie | Unicorn graphic tee |  Doodle pull-on jean leggings
Lowell: Icon Full-Zip Hoodie | dark green Sporty Tee | straight jeans

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