Instagram to Use Pop-Ups to Filter Anti-Vaccine Content

The next time you scroll through Instagram, you may not have to worry about anti-vax information flooding your newsfeed. The photo-sharing company plans to introduce new ways to stop misinformation about vaccines from spreading, a problem the World Health Organization named a top global health threat for this year. One of the methods includes a pop-up warning that’ll appear when you search certain anti-vax lingo, according to Buzzfeed News. Since the pop-up feature is still in the developmental phase, there’s currently no launch date.

It’s assumed the warning message will be similar to the alert users receive when they search for hashtags or words related to self-harm or suicide. The pop-up includes a message with a warning and a link to resources offering support. It’s currently unclear what the pop-up for the anti-vax information will say and what resources it will direct users to. The platform says it won’t, however, ban accounts or erase posts discussing anti-vax ideas.

The news follows an alarming spike in measles cases this year, as well as backlash social media platforms have received for not doing enough to stop the spread of misinformation on their sites.

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