The Answer To Last Minute Holiday Gifting For Nearly Anyone

Do you have grandparents, aunts and uncles frantically texting you to ask what they should get for your kids for the holidays? What should they get for you, for your partner? Are you totally stumped as to what to gift to your mother-in-law or that cousin you drew for the family gift exchange?

Stitch Fix is an AWESOME last minute holiday gifting option for nearly ANYONE! It’s so easy to gift Stitch Fix to someone by buying a gift card, which you can either print off and wrap or simply email to the recipient. Stitch Fix offers plus size and maternity options for women. There’s also Stitch Fix Men AND now there’s Stitch Fix Kids!

As a parent, if you’re dreading the onslaught of toys, but know your kids could totally use some fresh clothes next season, this is a WIN! They will have the joy of opening the gift of Stitch Fix on Christmas (maybe gift the card along with some stickers or other small trinket), they will get to help you create a fun style profile, and then they can re-live the excitement all over again when their box of clothes arrives.

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In October, Stitch Fix styled our ENTIRE FAMILY! And not only did it make family photos a breeze since they made sure to coordinate our pieces so that I could easily throw together a cohesive look for all 6 of us, but they also made our fall/winter wardrobe refresh simple. 

Photo by Ginger Snaps Pictures

Keeping 4 growing kids properly clothed is not a small amount of work, especially now that the older kids have actual opinions about what they want to wear and I can’t just grab whatever is cute and on sale at Target and throw it on them. 

Here are some photos of us rocking the pieces they sent us. From winter coats to boots to sweaters- these were all pieces I specifically asked for because we needed cold weather staples. 

I’ve used Stitch Fix for years, even when I was pregnant last time. I LOVED their maternity clothes! Scott has used Stitch Fix Men before. This was the first time we tried their newly launched Stitch Fix Kids service, though, and it was a HUGE hit!

I did an unboxing video with 3 of the 4 kiddos, and their excitement levels are off the charts and adorable.

If you’d like to see everything Scott and I got, we have another unboxing video of just the two of us.

If you’re not familiar with how Stitch Fix works, it goes like this: 

  • You create an account, and then you can add your kids to your account if you’d like.
  • You fill out a style profile for each person, including color and fit preferences, any likes and dislikes, favorite and least favorite colors and patterns, your measurements, body type, and any notes you’d like your stylist to take into consideration before styling you.
  • You pay a small styling fee, which is applied toward anything you decide to keep from your fix, and schedule your fix to arrive.
  • Your stylist consults your profile, any notes you left for them, and even checks out your Pinterest board of ideas (if you link one), and puts together 5 pieces for adults or 10 pieces for kids in your “fix.” 
  • You get your box, try everything on, put whatever doesn’t work for you back into a pre-paid envelope and send it back for free. 
  • You’re only charged for what you keep.
  • If you keep everything, you get a 25% discount off the entire box!

Re: pricing– sure, you can probably get pieces cheaper at Target or on sales racks by shopping yourself. That said, I didn’t think the children’s prices were too much higher than what I’d typically pay at Gymboree or elsewhere, and they are much more affordable with the 25% discount if you keep everything. They send you some brands you probably already know and love. For example, we got shoes from Stride Rite and jeans from Lucky. They also have Stitch Fix exclusive brands. 

And my final bit of advice is to be very, very, very detailed when filling out your style profiles. When giving measurements for your kids, consider sizing up.  I found that most of the pieces they sent the kids were very true to size, bordering on the small end. I wish I would have actually sized up to get more longevity from the pieces, which is how I would shop for them personally anyway. I never buy my kids something in their current size. They grow too fast!

And don’t forget about yourself! Seriously, if your partner is currently begging you to please tell them what to buy for you and you are pretty sure you’re going to get a wrapped end-cap-special from the first store they walk into on 12-23, send them the link to buy you a Stitch Fix gift card! 

Thank you to Stitch Fix for sending our family fixes in exchange for blog and video coverage. All opinions are my own, and links are affiliate.

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